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Privacy Policy (the company) understands and acknowledges the importance of customer privacy and data protection. The following privacy policy outlines key details with regard to how the company collects, stores and uses your information for a variety of purposes.

Please be advised that BuyFacebookLikesReViews reserves the right to alter and add to this privacy policy at any time and without due notice. It is the responsibility of the customer (you) to check back with this document on a regular basis, in order to ensure complete and ongoing compliance with all terms laid out.

When you Access BuyFacebookLikesReViews

Upon accessing the BuyFacebookLikesReViews website, small files known as ‘cookies’ are placed on your computer, in order to store basic information on your preferences and usage of our website for quality purposes.

Information stored includes your IP address, your language preferences, the web browser and device type you are using, the date and time of your visit and so on. Cookies can be deleted from your computer and/or blocked from being stored in the first place – please refer to your web browser’s guidelines for more information.

When you Contact Us

For quality and security purposes, BuyFacebookLikesReViews maintains a complete history of all communications that take place between the company and the customer. Please be aware that all telephone, e-mail and live-chat communications will be recorded and stored accordingly.

Links and Third-Party Sites

BuyFacebookLikesReViews may provide links to third-party websites and service providers, which may or may not be affiliated with the company. In all instances, the privacy policy of the respective third-party will apply the moment the link is clicked. We accept no responsibility or liability for any consequences that may occur as a direct or indirect result of use of any of the links we provide.

It is the responsibility of the customer to carefully consult the privacy policies, terms and conditions of the respective third-parties, before accessing and using their content and/or services.

Protecting your Information

We go the extra mile to safeguard the personal information of every customer we work with, investing in the latest hardware and software to restrict access exclusively to authorized personnel. Every member of the team at BuyFacebookLikesReViews has undergone extensive training on all relevant data protection and related security issues.

We’re also constantly updating our existing physical and digital security protocols, in order to ensure the ongoing safety and security of our customers’ private information.

Contacting BuyFacebookLikesReViews

If you require clarification of any points outlined in this privacy policy, please get in touch with a member of our customer support team.