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GetAFollower Are you planning to buy Facebook likes from Well then read our GetAFollower review before deciding to buy Facebook likes from them.
GetAFollower Review GetAFollower Review
December 25, 2019

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GetAFollower Review


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GetAFollower Review: The Basics

There’s an easy and effective way of determining which social sellers are worth doing business with. That being, to do business with them and see what happens! Not that we’d recommend doing this yourself – that’s what we’re here to do on your behalf.

So, we placed an order for 1,000 Facebook Likes, 1,000 Facebook Followers and 1,000 Facebook Views with the folks at GetAFollower. With a name like this, we expected nothing but superb performance from an established Facebook specialist. And that’s exactly what we experienced – quality products, committed customer support and genuinely impressive value for money. A standout performer – maybe even one of the best we’ve trialed to date.

GetAFollower Review: In Depth

About GetAFollower

GetAFollower is quickly heading towards its 10-year anniversary, making it something of a veteran compared to the thousands of newcomers popping up all over the place. Originally established in the United States, GetAFollower now advertise its services to an extensive audience of customers worldwide. In doing so, they seem to have earned a pretty strong following and a solid reputation.

Placing our order with GetAFollower was as quick and easy as it should be, with just a few clicks required and no requests for unnecessary personal information. They’ve currently got an impressive range of products and services to choose from, but in this instance we were only interested in Facebook. We placed our order, completed the payment and waited for the magic to happen. Which was, in this instance, perhaps slightly more magical than we’d expected!

Service Plans

GetAFollower specializes an extensive range of products and services for popular platforms including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine and many more besides. They also create custom packages of social proof from scratch.

Terms and Guarantees

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know the importance of establishing what you’re getting yourself into, before signing on the dotted line. Fail to read the terms and conditions and you could be headed for trouble, though in the case of GetAFollower, everything was above board:

Terms and Conditions
  • GetAFollower has a standard Terms of Service.
  • They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Privacy Policy
  • GetAFollower has a simple and straightforward Privacy Policy.
  • They guarantee the confidentiality of every customer and do not sell or distribute personal information under any circumstances.
Refund Policy
  • GetAFollower currently offers a 30-day refund period.
  • They also offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, if orders are not delivered within the specified time period.
Retention Policy
  • GetAFollower offers a 180-day (variable) Retention Guarantee for all services.

Customer Support

Solid first impressions primed us to expect nothing but solid customer support, which is often absent from the equation with social sellers. Not in the case of GetAFollower, however, which along with a fast-response email support service is one of very few social sellers to offer a contact telephone number. We used email for most of our correspondence, which in all instances prompted rapid and informative responses.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

As always, with sent a series of simple yet crucial questions to the folks at GetAFollower, in order to see how completely and quickly they answered them. Their email response times were way faster than the norms we’re used to, just as the answers they provided were suitably useful and informative as follows:

Our Questions
How long before our Likes, Followers and Views will be delivered?

We guarantee delivery within the first 72 hours, though we try to get things done much faster than this.

What if they don't show up?

It’s very rare to encounter any delays, but if you aren’t happy with the speed of the delivery process, you’re covered by our exclusive money back guarantee.

Will they be delivered all at once?

You don’t want to set any alarm bells ringing at Facebook, so it’s important to add social proof gradually over at least a few hours, or a couple of days can be even better.

Can I see examples of your work?

Unfortunately not. It isn’t possible to provide samples of this kind of work as we need to protect the confidentiality and security of our customers.

What will my new Followers look like?

You’ll be provided with Followers from verified and active Facebook accounts, within our own private networks worldwide. They’re real Followers from real accounts, so they’ll look 100% real.

Will anyone know that I bought Views, Likes or Followers?

Once again, it will be impossible to detect which Views, Likes and Followers you bought as they’re 100% identical to the real thing.

Will the Followers I buy interact or engage with my account?

It sometimes happens, but not very often. It’s entirely up to the respective account holder as whether or not they interact with your account, but the majority most probably won’t.

What if I lose any of the Likes or Followers?

We offer a 180-day retention guarantee, meaning that if you lose any Followers or Likes during this time, just let us know and we will replace them for free.

As we provide social proof from real accounts, it’s perfectly possible that some of the Likes and Followers you buy will disappear over time. Nevertheless, we back our sales with a 180-day retention guarantee for total peace of mind.

What if I’m unhappy?

If you let us know straight away if there’s anything you aren’t satisfied with, we’ll do whatever it takes to turn things around. You’re also covered by our satisfaction guarantee, just in case!

Post-Order Questions and Responses

It’s also useful to see how social sellers to handle aftercare, which in the case of GetAFollower turned out to be more of the same. Quick and helpful answers to the questions we submitted by e-mail, as detailed below:

Our Questions
How long with my new Followers stick with my account?

Our 180-day retention guarantee means they’ll of stick with you for at least this amount of time. Nevertheless, you’ll probably find most hang around indefinitely

What if Facebook detects I bought Followers and Likes?

It’s never happened to us, so don’t worry. You can only get detected if you use fake/spammy Likes and Followers, which we refuse to sell.

Can I get a discount on a second order?

Sure, place your next order using discount code (DELETED) and we’ll knock 15% off the total price.

Will I definitely see positive results?

Good question! Realistically, nobody can promise that Facebook Followers and Likes alone can guarantee positive results. They’ll boost your authority and visibility on Facebook, but the rest is up to you!

Order Recommendations

We trailed GetAFollower by ordering a bunch of Followers, Likes and Views, but they also sell hundreds of alternative types of social proof for an endless range of platforms. In terms of our own experience, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend giving any of their products or services a shot for yourself.

Daily Turnaround Time

Everything we ordered (and a little bit more to boot!) was delivered within the first two working days as promised. GetAFollower provided us with a total of 1,008 Followers, 1,017 Likes and 1,077 Views in total, so slightly more than we ordered in all three instances. And let’s be honest...who doesn’t like a freebie?

Quality of Facebook Followers, Likes and Views

If you intend to make social proof work for your Facebook account, you need to dig deeper than the surface and verify its quality. In the case of GetAFollower, every Facebook account used to deliver the services we offered looked 100% credible, authentic and active. No signs of spam or shady operations in general.

We’ve had no reason yet to invoke their retention guarantee – we’re still above 100% of the original order we placed,


GetAFollower has done a genuinely impressive job ticking all the right boxes. With the one exception of not currently offering a live-chat facility – which we’re told is coming soon – GetAFollower delivers in all areas that matter. Quality products, authentic social proof, low prices, solid customer support and reassuring guarantees.

We’d be more than happy to work with GetAFollower in the future – a memorable first-impression all round.


User Ratings:

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User Comments:


  • Charles Orbison
    Two days ago, I have ordered 100 facebook likes from Getafollower as a test order. It really works well and impressed with their support team, they are so responsive and cleared all my queries. Now I have ordered 500 more likes with them, keep it up, team.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Roger Clemons
    I had a good experience in working with MediaMister. They have delivered all my orders within the time frame with quality, and also I am quite impressed with their customer service.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Ashley Morgan
    I have purchased 100 facebook followers for my page. They have delivered all the followers gradually within 1 to 3 days. The followers are real people and stable. Good support team.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Wesley Trent
    I ordered 100 Facebook likes from GetAFollower to test their quality and timing. They have delivered all the likes from active Facebook users within 72 hours in a natural way. So now I am going to order 25K Facebook Likes from them. I appreciate their work.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Rachel Adams
    I want to get more likes for my Facebook photos so I have ordered for 500 photo likes from GetAFollower. They delivered the likes in a natural way. I was thankful for their affordable package.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Gilbert Roles
    I am a social media strategist, traveler and doing the travel business. I had visited many places in my life and got many photos of them. In order to improve and invest in business, I wanted to have the likes and comments to decide about my investments. When I wished to have it from different followers, my page was with low count but Getafollower got me different follower across the globe and was able to get several comments from different parts of the world. This made me to decide the right way for my business. Thank you, Getafollower.
  • Benjamin Manuel
    As I considered facebook is the best social media for my business, I wanted to get more followers with it. Especially the likes and comments made by Getafollower package boosted my other followers and had built a strong platform for my business. Many thanks to you.
  • Dustin Chapman
    Facebook likes package was really helpful for me since I am in the photography and advertisement industry. Though I have many best photos, people only like a few. It was hard for me to decide which one would be best complimenting my work and the reason for it. This was made easy by the likes package from Getafollowers. I have started receiving more likes and it really boosted my profile and I am now able to understand about the likes of people and concentrate towards it. Making it simple is extraordinary and thank you so much.
  • Rebecca Mason
    I bought loafers from 100 followers. I am happy that I got real followers with affordable price. Quality is excellent.
  • Scott Dye
    I got many FB packages from Getafollower and it was hassle free. It was all delivered on time and they stick with the safest strategies and never compromise with it. Good show on every one. I can recommend it to anyone.
  • Nellie Fincher
    Customer service is Superior from these guys. Once I done the payment, I did not receive the acknowledgement from Paypal or by any message. I reached customer care of Getafollower immediately and they were able to send the invoice in real quick while on chat with them. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Stacey Bradford
    Your refund policy is great. Once I ordered the facebook likes package for my product page. It was in the initial status and for some reason; I wanted to edit those images and wanted to obtain the likes later. Customer support helped me in canceling the order and they refunded the money without hassle.
  • Robert Kulas
    While I tried many social media services, I would say Getafollower is the best one so far. They are excellent in timely delivery and support functions are awesome.
  • Manuel Bennett
    With many competitors I had loss of FB followers. Getafollower is the only one who serves me better with it. I should admit that you are the real winner in this platform. Thank you so much.
  • Nathanial Heaton
    Words cannot explain about Getafollower but my digits of followers can and they deserve more than 5 stars.