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Buy Real Media Are you planning to buy Facebook Likes from Well then read our Buy Real Media review before deciding to purchase their services.
Buy Real Media
Buy Real Media Review Buy Real Media Review
December 25, 2019

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Buy Real Media Review


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Buy Real Media Review: In a Nutshell

We all know that Facebook can be a fickle mistress. With hundreds of millions of people all competing for the same attention, standing out from the crowd is the ultimate challenge. At its heart, Facebook is essentially the world’s biggest popularity contest. The more popular you appear, the more likely you are to achieve your objectives.

Which is precisely where services like Buy Real Media come into the equation. These guys are currently offering an extensive range of promotional products and services for platforms like Facebook. Specifically, Facebook Followers, Likes, Views and various other social signals. Combined, these are the kinds of metrics that can and often do make all the difference. Staffed by a team of social media veterans, Buy Real Media claims to consistently outperform the competition.

Buy Real Media Review: In Depth

About Buy Real Media

The Buy Real Media website appeared just a few months ago, but has already earned an impressive following worldwide. Initially established to serve a small locality in the United States, Buy Real Media has since gone global. Along with Facebook, Buy Real Media offers an extensive range of promotional products and services for pretty much every social network on earth. The brand may be new, but the team behind Buy Real Media brings more than 30 years’ collective social media marketing experience to the table.

To see what they’re capable of, we placed an order for 1,000 Facebook Followers, 1,000 Facebook Likes and 1,000 Facebook Views. Our request was accepted, and we were told to expect completion of delivery within three working days. After which, it was simply a case of sitting back and seeing whether Buy Real Media could live up to its own hype.

Service Plans

As detailed above, we placed a combined order for three sets of social signals for Facebook. We checked out the rest of the services Buy Real Media advertises online, which range from Twitter Followers to Instagram views to LinkedIn endorsements and many more besides. There’s also an extensive range of targeted social signals to choose from, covering key markets worldwide. The general pricing structure seemed more than fair, with significant discounts available for bulk and repeat orders.

Terms and Guarantees

As part of our review process, we carefully inspect the terms and conditions published by the service providers we work with. Hardly the most enjoyable part of the process, but an important part nonetheless. After studying the Ts and Cs at Buy Real Media, we were confident in their transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction. You’ll find a few basic details outlined below:

Terms and Conditions
  • The terms and conditions document published at Buy Real Media is comparatively concise and easy to understand. Nothing overly complex and no misleading information.
  • Buy Real Media prohibits customers from using its services for fraudulent or unethical activities.
  • The services available are restricted to the rightful owners of the respective social media accounts, who must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Privacy Policy
  • Buy Real Media is committed to the anonymity and Privacy of its customers, enforcing every realistic physical and digital measure for their protection.
  • Under no circumstances will the personal information of customers be sold or distributed to third-parties for promotional purposes.
Refund Policy
  • Every customer benefits from a reassuring refund policy, which can be invoked when the products ordered are not delivered within the specified period of time.
  • Refunds are provided solely at the discretion of the company - Buy Real Media reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the refund policy at any time.
Retention Policy
  • Buy Real Media is also currently offering a market-leading 180-day retention warranty on all sales. Any Followers lost during this time are replaced by the company free of charge.

Customer Support

We’re strong believers in the importance of a committed and capable customer service contingency. Prior to placing our order, we sought reassurance from Buy Real Media on a few important issues. We contacted the company by way of live-chat, receiving prompt responses from professional and welcoming representatives. E-mail response times weren’t the fastest, but were still in-line with industry norms.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Full details of the questions we asked and the responses we received from Buy Real Media are outlined below:

Our Questions
How long does it take to add Facebook Followers?

It depends how many you order, but adding 1,000 new Followers to your account shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 days.

What about Facebook Likes and Views?

The same applies, we’ll complete the delivery process of your full order within three working days. If you don’t see anything happening within a few hours, let us know.

Do you need my Facebook password?

No, and we strongly recommend against standing your password to anyone outside your business. Our services are all external and there’s never any need to request passwords.

Can I request a free sample?

Sadly not, but we do offer a whole bunch of low-priced products and packages to see how it works.

Will it be obvious I bought Facebook Followers?

No. Even if anyone takes the time to check them out in detail, they’ll look as real as the real thing. We always provide authentic Facebook Followers from real Facebook accounts.

Why should I buy real Facebook Followers?

Fake Followers are easy to detect and could have a negative effect on your reputation. We wouldn’t advise buying any synthetic social signals on Facebook.

What if Facebook closes my account?

They won’t! We’ve helped thousands of people all over the world promote their Facebook profiles and we’ve never encountered an issue with penalties, suspensions or account closures.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

After completion of the order, we got back to Buy Real Media with are a few supplementary questions. Aftercare should form part and parcel of the deal when buying social signals, as you may need support and assistance further down the line. You’ll find details of our communications outlined below:

Our Questions
How long will my new Facebook Followers stick around?

Most of the time, the Followers we provide hang around indefinitely. In any case, we’ll replace any Followers you lose during the first 180 days for free.

Does buying Views and Likes really work?

Yes, but ultimately it’s up to you to build an engaging presence on Facebook. Social signals are simply promotional tools to build an image of popularity and authority.

Will my new Followers interact with my account?

No. When you buy Facebook Followers, you enhance the way your accounts is perceived by other users of the platform. The Facebook Followers you buy are simply there for promotional purposes, as opposed to interaction.

What if Facebook finds out?

They won’t. We’ve spent more than a decade developing an exclusive system for the safe and effective delivery of social signals. Nobody will find out, unless you tell them yourself.

Can I get a discount if I order more Followers?

Yes, we’re always happy to offer special deals on repeat orders. Just be sure to let us know before you place your order, so we can provide you with a coupon code.

Order Recommendations

We put Buy Real Media through its paces with a combined order for a bunch of Facebook Followers, Likes and Views. In all three instances, we were extremely impressed with the overall quality of the products and the customer service provided. As touched upon previously, Buy Real Media also offers an extensive range of promotional products for all major and minor social networks worldwide. Which in all instances are covered by an array of warranties and assurances.

Daily Turnaround Time

Our order with Buy Real Media was placed at around 11am and we began seeing results around. 2:30pm the same day. The Followers, Likes and Views we ordered then arrived by way of a steady stream across the next couple of days. The delivery process was complete well within the specified time-frame, by the end of which we’d received 1,011 new Followers, 1,128 Views and 1,044 Likes. All slightly higher than our initial order.

Quality of Facebook Followers

When buying Followers in particular, it’s important to verify their authenticity and credibility. After carrying out a detailed investigation, we couldn’t find anything synthetic or suspicious about the Followers added to our account. Buy Real Media promises authentic Facebook Followers “complete with full bios, unique profile pictures, recent evidence of activity and Followers of their own.” All of which proved to be the case – very impressive on the whole.

Retention Rate

To date, we’ve lost no more than a handful of the Facebook Followers we purchased from Buy Real Media. Our retention warranty remains active (for the first 180 days) but we’ve not yet had reason to use it.


Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of social media specialists who promise things they simply can’t deliver. In fact, we’ve come to expect claims that go far beyond the reality of things. With Buy Real Media, it’s the exact opposite.

These guys don’t claim to perform miracles, but the social signals they sell are some of the best we’ve ever come across. Authentic Facebook Followers, quality Likes, affordable Views – all backed by a stellar customer support team. With the added reassurance of a satisfaction guarantee and a retention warranty, Buy Real Media has raised the bar for social specialists worldwide.


User Ratings:

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User Comments:


  • Terry Mendivil
    The quality of likes which is delivered by Buy Real Media was great and I just impressed with their customer support team responses.
  • Martin Tigner
    Great customer service and professional business behaviour. Keep up the good work team
  • Edith Stenger
    The views and likes I purchased from Buy Real Media looks more organic and real. Feeling glad working with them.