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About BuyFacebookLikesReviews

Sick of spammy social proof that’s more trouble than it’s worth? So were we – precisely why we set up BuyFacebookLikesReViews!

Our collective experience in internet marketing goes beyond two decades, during which time we’ve been scammed and short-changed more times than we care to remember. We’ve never been afraid to tell it like it is, so we figured the time had come to share our wisdom with the world!

We’ve spent the last few years (and way too much money!) putting dozens of social sellers through their paces and documenting our experiences. The result of which is the rankings you see today – our honest and independent reviews and ratings of the best (and worst) brands in business.

To date, we’ve tried and tested dozens of different companies who specialise in social proof for LinkedIn. And we can honestly say most have turned out to be huge disappointments. Nevertheless, we’ve ranked those who made the grade in accordance with what really matters. Quality, value for money, customer service and above all else – safety!

You can rest assured we’ve nothing to gain by sugar-coating the facts and our ears are always open. If you come across a social seller you’d like us to check out – or if you want us to put your own site through its paces – get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll make it happen!

Don’t make the same mistakes we did – stick with top-rated sellers you can trust!

“BuyFacebookLikesReViews pointed me the way of a Facebook marketing company I’d probably never have found otherwise. We’ve experienced a huge improvement in traffic and engagement since we placed our order, which has really benefited our bottom-line.” - Steve Nicol

“Scammers are everywhere and can be surprisingly stealthy. Do like I did and send an email to these three guys if you’re not sure who to trust. They’ve done the business for me at least a handful of times now and I’m eternally grateful to all three of them!” - Jon Champion